We understand that Immigration law is complicated, and it can be hard to know what to expect when starting the journey.
In fact, the journey to Canadian citizenship is not a walk in the park. You may feel frustrated by the length of the applications you need to gather,
and the thousands of loops you need to jump through. To be honest, something as meaningful as citizenship is rarely a smooth process.
Those who seek to immigrate to Canada-and those already in Canada already who want to change their status should not navigate
this journey alone.

We provide comprehensive legal services in all areas of Canadian Immigration, including defending your interest before administrative tribunals and Federal
Court of Canada.

Student Visas

Our service for student includes preparation and filling of application, including collections of necessary school transcript; advice and
counsel on requirements for student, representation in obtaining student visas;

including advise and counsel in complying with student visa requirements; change of status; reinstatement of status.

Additional service includes advice on obtaining employment during and after
completion of studies.

Tourist/Visitors Visa

You have the option of applying for those types of visas on Citizenship and Immigration (IRCC) website or paper, however, online is highly
recommended and faster. You do not need an agent if you can read and write.

Applying does not equate to approval and all who apply are presumed ineligible.

There is no guarantee of visa approval (regardless of who fills out your online visa
application) and the grounds for any prior denials must be overcome.
Your eligibility for a visa depends on your personal situation where you legally reside, not on anything anyone in or

outside Canada tells or does.

What Are Visitors Visas For?

Such visas are strictly for short visits such as pleasure, tourism – you must overcome the presumption of ineligibility.

If you are applying for the visa to study, work, give birth, or have medical conditions, you are not
eligible for a visa under this category and you will be denied.

The decision is based on your personal situation in your country, as revealed in your visa application and

Also, your past visits to Canada, if any, determine whether you are likely to violate the conditions of your visa.

A visa does not guarantee your admission into Canada, the Border Service Officer
(BSO) at the port of entry is also required to explore your intentions and to deny admission.

It is a judgment call for the visa officer and the BSO. They may get it wrong and deny you, but they’d rather err on denial than approval.

For example, if you are not employed, unemployed, and do not have compelling reasons to

return to your home country or every member of your immediate family has a visa, you may likely not get a visa; thus,
applying with your wife and kids is likely to result in denial except if you have substantial legitimate
financial/business ties in your country.

Temporary Residence

Study permit
Work permit
Caregiver Program

Permanent Residency

Express Entry
Canadian Express Class
Provincial Nominee Class
Family Class Sponsorship
H & C Application
Spousal Application

Canadian Citizenship

Citizenship Application
Residency Issues
Passport Application
Revocation of Citizenship

Immigration hearings & Appeals

Refugee hearing
Admissibility hearing
Refugee Appeal
Sponsorship Appeals
Deportation Appeals
Study Permit Refusal
Federal Court Proceedings

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