Mental Health Law

We will represent our client before the Mental Health Review Board.
We understand that life can come at you so fast and you are faced with depression leading to some kind of mental illness.
Mental health law deals with the protection, treatment and right of people with a mental health disorder.

It also preserves the right of individuals to make decisions about their treatment, admission to long-term care facilities and

protects people who are at risk of harm to themselves or others when they lack the capacity to make decisions.

While the medical professional determines whether a person suffers from a disease of the mind, the determination of capacity is a legal matter.
Also, Incapacity must be for something, whether in psychiatric treatment or lack of ability to make legal decisions, etc.


What Is Mental Disorder?

A mental Disorder is a substantial disorder of thought, mood, perception, or orientation or memory that grossly impairs

  •  Judgement,
  •  Behaviour,
  • Capacity to recognize reality, or
  •  Ability to meet the ordinary demands of life,

But does not include a disorder in which the resulting impairment is persistent and is caused solely

by an acquired or congenital irreversible brain injury.


A person can lose capacity if a substantial disorder occurs.

Alberta Mental Health Statutes are Community Treatment Order Regulation,

We Provide Competent Interpretation And Applications Of These Statutes:

  • Mental Health Act,
  • Mental Health Act Forms and Designation Regulation,
  • Mental Health Regulation.

Also, we provide assistance in Community Treatment Order (CTO), capacity assessment hearings, or reviews.

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